Peer Gynt-talent scholarship and updates.

-This last saturday, I went to Gålå, in Norway to recieve the Peer Gynt-talent scholarship for young artists in Gudbrandsdalen (the area where I’m from). After I recieved the money at an informal gathering, I saw the “Peer Gynt play” by Henrik Ibsen, with music by Edvard Grieg. As the sun was setting the beautiful scenery of the Gålå-lake made for some pretty spectacular views.
I feel so honored to be picked out for this scholarship out of many other extremely talented people.

-My lied-recital earlier this summer together with the pianist Ruben Tekelenburg was a great success. It was such a marvelous experience standing in front of the audience, and connecting with them through the beautiful music we performed. Me and Ruben are currently speaking about having a recital in Oslo this coming fall. Further information about this will be posted very soon.

-After spending almost 1,5 months in beautiful Sulmona, Italy, attending the COSI (Centre for Opera Studies in Italy) summerprogram, singing the amazing role as emperor Tito in Mozart’s “La Clemenza di Tito”, I can happily say I have added a new role to my repertoire. As a young singer, it was an amazing opportunity to sing this role now already. I grew a lot as a singer and an artist. I made a lot of new Canadian friends, and worked with some pretty amazing teachers and coaches; Kathleen Brett, Wendy Nielsen, Maikai Nash, Nathalie Doucet-Lalkens, Elizabeth Upchurch and Dr. Kathryn Tremills. The director Timothy Nelson and Conductor Jonathan Berman were both so inspiring and educative, and added phenomenal depth to the whole process.

-Last monday I commenced the “year study” at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. For two weeks me and my classmates will be working with improvisation and theatre under the guidance of Nina Hart,and make a small presentation in the end of week two. We are currently pushing each other to the limit of bodily expression and we are experimenting to make something completely new together.

-The 24th of August, I will be attending a masterclass with my new teacher Matthew. M. Marriott. I will then work on pieces that I will sing when I go to Nice on the 26th -31st of august for the YAP “Les Azuriales”.

Stay tuned, and in tune everyone!

Best wishes,


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